OpenEurope is a multinational project dedicated to preparing young adults for the job market across the EU by providing them with necessary language skills, intercultural knowledge and employment resources. It is based on the Open Educational Resources (OER) platform that contains learning materials and software, which supports their creation, sharing, and delivery to the target audience.

Conduct Internet-based language courses in a game-like format

Being able to use a variety of online academic resources to engage a technologically-advanced young population in active learning creates an extraordinary opportunity for teachers and trainers to share their best practices and improve education in and out of the classroom. Within the OpenEurope framework, in particular, teachers can:

  • Conduct Internet-based language courses in a game-like format. English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Bulgarian, Latvian, Polish, and Turkish lessons deliver job relevant linguistic materials to students in a risk-free and fun setting;
  • Participate in the teacher training and educational tools workshops in order to refine their teaching skills within the adult education system;
  • Take part in our webinars to make better use of technology to deliver educational material while reaching the widest audience possible;
  • Utilize an extensive resource library of open academic resources, full course materials and any relevant intercultural and labour legislation information of partner countries.

I invite you to take a minute to register on our website and learn in detail what OpenEurope can do for you in helping young adults fulfil their dreams and succeed. And if you still have questions, do not hesitate to Contact Us by email with a brief message either in English or a language of our partner country.

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“The limits of my language are the limits of my world.”
Ludwig Wittgenstein


Working in close cooperation with our expert teachers, we have developed a game-based 6-unit language course in English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Bulgarian, Latvian, Polish, and Turkish languages. Each unit starts with Agenda that outlines the content and provides a list of additional teaching materials from the Resource Library to supplement the information covered in the unit or to prepare for face-to-face lessons.

The materials in a unit are divided into three focus areas:

  • Language. Students work on new vocabulary, reading fluency, and word recognition. They practise with a variety of reading passages to reinforce these skills.
  • Communication. Students perform listening activities to recognize words, process sentences and derive the meaning of spoken words. Additionally, there is a segment titled “DID YOU KNOW…?” that provides tips and solutions for effective cross-cultural communication.
  • Job relevant skills. Besides spelling and punctuation, students learn about the proper word order and sentence patterns that affect meaning in written language. From the very first unit they practise to convey a clear point and describe specific details in exercises like composing their CV or writing emails.

The contents of all units are now complete and can be used whole or in parts for the blended courses provided by our partner organisations. During the project, the materials covered in the course will be tested, adapted or modified according to the specific needs or requirements. So we welcome all your contributions and suggestions on how we can better prepare young people for the life and work abroad.


Learn from expert authors and educators with our free webinars and supporting resources on the range of topics relevant

Learn from expert authors and educators with our free webinars and supporting resources on the range of topics relevant in and beyond your classroom! Every month we prepare a carefully chosen selection of online lectures and webcasts that introduce you to new ideas, reinforce current initiatives, and provide strategies and tools you can use immediately. “Featured Teachers” series on WizIQ and regular “Teachers Teaching Online” conferences are a few examples of what we offer.

If you expressed your interest in webinars during the registration on our website and signed up for our newsletter, you will get a notification about each upcoming session and its topic a week prior to the event. Be sure you have entered your email address correctly when you registered, otherwise you won't receive the instructions necessary to join our webinars.

  • Webinars may be projected onto a larger screen and audio can be accessed via phone or computer speaker.
  • Chat Panel is a useful feature to post general comments during the webinar and/or chat with other participants.
  • Missed a session? No worries! Webinars are usually recorded and made available through a link emailed to all registered participants.

Hope you’ll be joining our webinars regularly. They are a great opportunity to learn something new, as well as to connect with other teachers from across the country and throughout Europe.

Resource Library

Our Resource Library, available to all OpenEurope students and educators, brings together all of the materials teachers need in one convenient online location. They include lessons, units, instructional manuals, videos, sample tests, handouts, etc. All information is organized by categories to help you find necessary materials within your courses.

Linguistic Competence More information

Review complete language lessons, special topic collections or activities along with practical implementation ideas for effective integration of technology as a tool for teaching. Build student language skills using the best practices shared in this section by experienced, professional educators. Find additional lesson ideas and ready-to-go content for your face-to-face classes or blended courses. Try these lessons as is or adapt the ideas to your curriculum or level.

The materials are available in all target languages with additional sections in English.

Intercultural Competence More information

Read about culture-specific concepts of perception, communication and behavior in each partner county. Learn how to motivate students to acquire skills that can help them communicate effectively and appropriately with people of different cultural backgrounds. Get useful tips on ways of tailoring language materials with the emphasis on specific, job-related linguistic skills adapted for a foreign work environment.

All the information is available in English with links to the websites in target languages.

Employment Resources More information

Understand specific labour regulations in each partner country and how they may apply to your students. Find creative ways of incorporating that information into lessons, lectures or classroom activities.

All the information is available in English with links to the websites in target languages.