wisamar Bildungsgesellschaft gemeinnützige GmbH is a non-profit educational institute in Leipzig, Germany, acting in vocational, cultural and adult education. Wisamar is accredited by the German Institute for Adult Education as competence center and TÜV as education provider according to AZAV principles (employment activities for the Federal Employment Office) and carries out competence analysis and offers courses for the (re-)integration of unemployed people in the labour market.

We organize intercultural language classes for people with migrant background that want to live and work in Germany and students in vocational training doing an internship in Leipzig. In the AZAV accreditation process the quality management system is audited on an annual basis.

In mobility projects (IVT, PLM and VETPRO) we welcome about 400 persons per year in different areas and are besides sending abroad trainees and trainers. We are experienced coordinator and partner in European partnerships as well as development and transfer of innovation programs in different thematic areas, such as competence based learning, social and labour market integration, e-learning, equality, sustainable development.

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wisamar Bildungsgesellschaft gemeinnützige GmbH
Heinrichstrasse 5-7, 04317 Leipzig, Germany


0049+ 341 51 999 555