Usak University is a young and active university founded in the west part of Turkey in 2006. There are 11 faculties, 9 colleges and 3 graduate schools with more than 21.000 students. The students attending to the university have the opportunity of self-development with many facilities. There are 412 academic staff and 376 administrative staff in the university. The academic staff is working both in lecture and researching fields. The main goal of the university is to be a reputable university under the light of science and wisdom. USAK University forms part of a cohesive town-university community with the growing agricultural-commercial-industrial province of Uşak. Located in the western part of Usak; it is served by Ankara - İzmir motorway. Away from city complexities, the students enjoys many intellectual, cultural, and recreational advantages: ongoing professional musical, dramatic, and artistic groups and performers to the campus; art exhibits, plays, and recitals by local and visiting artists; frequent intercollegiate athletic events in modern facilities; and a variety of recreational opportunities on playing fields and courts, in neighbouring forests, fields, and lakes.

Usak University is a comprehensive, graduate, masters and doctoral-degree university offering to a diverse and capable student body a wide range of opportunities and challenges for learning and growth; to the world of knowledge, vigorous and expanding contributions in research, discovery, and application; and to the country and its people in every region, a variety of expert services. An able faculty, drawn from the best institutions in all parts of the nation, strive earnestly to demonstrate excellence in teaching, while producing in their specialized studies scholarly books, articles, and conference papers that gain respect for themselves, the University, and the state. Thus they ensure for their students instruction that is in immediate touch with current knowledge and thought. A body of energetic researchers, both faculty and other, assisted by an effective research administration, places Usak University as a successful university among hundred universities in the nation in research and development in the sciences and engineering. The University's service agencies are similarly distinguished, earning the respect and support of their varied constituencies throughout the state, as well as in foreign countries.

Usak University is dedicated to the three broad purposes already mentioned-learning, research, and service: learning, on-campus and off-campus, to enhance the intellectual, cultural, social, and professional development of its students; research, both to extend the present limits of knowledge and to bring deeper insight, understanding, and usefulness to existing knowledge; and service, to apply knowledge and the fruits of research to the lives of people.

Fulfilling these purposes is the chief work of the large number of educational units that make up the total university, including, among others, the academic departments, schools, and colleges; Continuing Education;

The quality of the faculty, staff, and administrators ensures the high quality of the instruction, research, and service provided. The quality of the University's programs ensures that its students receive a well-designed and comprehensive education that will assist them to lead constructive lives and achieve their personal and professional goals.

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Recep CANDOGAN - Department Manager
Usak University - Project Coordination Research and Application Department
Usak - Izmir Karayolu 8. Km. 64100 Merkez Usak/ Turkey


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