The association Les Cultures ONLUS – Laboratorio di cultura internazionale (International Culture Lab) was born in Lecco in 1993 with the aim to promote intercultural activities aimed at overcoming prejudices and stereotypes.

Countering the claim of a society that excludes diversity and promote a true comparison, which is the basis for peaceful coexistence in the respect for difference, is the spirit that animates our work.

Over the years, Les Cultures has consolidated its work areas, promoting social solidarity in Italy and abroad and increasing the activities aiming at disseminating knowledge of different cultures, through openness to stimuli and contributions from other nations.

The Association carries out projects aimed at integration and rights of migrants in schools and institutions of the Province of Lecco.

Abroad, Les Cultures has chosen to intervene in two distinct areas: in Africa with projects in health, education, environmental protection and support for economic activities of the Tuareg people of Niger and Mali and in Eastern Europe with therapeutic hospitality projects and distance supports in favour of Ukrainian children in the Chernobyl region.

Les Cultures ONLUS works since 1994 in partnership with Nigerian NGO AFAA in development projects in Niger. One of the main fields of action is related to develop an integrated approach to the food sovereignty issue. In the last years Les Cultures and AFAA realized different project aiming to improve access to water, to develop a better management of natural resources, to develop a sustainable agriculture and to prevent famine.

The association is led by a board of directors composed by volunteers, whose role is to make the strategic choices related to the association. This board of directors is composed by the president (Mr. Giorgio Redaelli), the secretary (Mrs. Mariagrazia Zanetti), the treasurer (Mr. Marco Pirola) and by the different work group’s spokesmen (Mr. Giovanni Pianosi – international cooperation’s group, Mrs. Mariagrazia Zanetti - school and integration’s group, Mrs. Gabriella Friso - legal support’s group, Mr. Raffaele Piazza - Immagimondo’s group).

Les Cultures has a small professional team in Italy whose role is to coordinate all the ongoing activities and to look for funding opportunities for the different projects. Our Italian staff is composed by a full time coordinator, also in charge of managing projects in Italy, and two part time employees. For the implementation of our Italian projects we work with different professionals (teacher, facilitators, mediators…). For our overseas projects we work since long time with local NGO’s, with which we have a strong relationship of trust and friendship. We have made the choice not to have expatriate staff both to maximize the money amount on the projects activities, and to enhance the role of our local partners. We believe that this approach to cooperation can assure long lasting result and a better sustainability of our interventions.

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Les Cultures ONLUS – Laboratorio di cultura internazionale (International Culture Lab)
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