DomSpain Consulting (DS Consulting) is an organization established in 2008 in Reus (Spain) working on a national and a European level.

We are an adult training and development organization. The target groups for our activities are women, youth, persons with disability, and immigrants. Our courses for adults focus on foreign languages and information technology skills building. Our training programmes are designed to develop communication skills, leadership, employability, and enterprise skills.

DomSpain Consulting provides trainings, organizes study visits, professional development, facilitates public meetings, develops and publishes training manuals and other publications.

We also focus on strengthening the capacity of small-sized enterprises, as well as volunteering working on social issues, involving in our activities all community members, including employers and governmental officials at all levels.

DS Lingua is a language department of DomSpain Consulting that performs two main functions. On the one hand, DS Lingua team develops and carries out tailored educational programmes, including classes, workshops, trainings, conferences related to the foreign language studying and learning; on the other hand, it offers high quality translations from and to Spanish, English, German, French, Italian, Russian, Chinese, Arabic, Catalan, and Ukrainian, with certified and sworn translators selected according to their specialist skills in areas such as technical translation, financial translation, legal translation, medical translation, and marketing translation.

Since 2008, we have gained an expertise in accessing, managing, implementing and monitoring EU funded projects, acting as a partner and supporting company working together with public bodies (departments of Education, Sports and Youth of City and Provincial Councils), social enterprises of the province as well as with non-profit and non-government organizations (associations of people with disabilities, women’s groups and cultural organizations).

The major EU funded projects in which we have been involved are Lifelong Learning Programme, Information Society Technologies, and Twinning Light Projects.

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